New Children Books  & Characters from the Kid Show

Ed uses his ventriloquist skill to bring three of the characters in his books to life along with a great interactive kid show

bearilla web Bearilla the Bully Behaved

Bearilla the Bully Behaved, is the newest book by Ed. It is about a new kid who moves to the farm town and bullies the kids at the farm school. With the help of Mr. Owl, the kid's teacher, Bearilla becomes a friend.

This is a great book that uses humor to teach kids from pre-k to fifth grade, how not bully other kids. On the last page there is a character education lesson on how not to be a bully.

Jordan's Hair Scoop pic
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Ed & Nigel
Jordan's Hair

In Jordan's Hair, Jordan is a four year old African-American boy in a white  pre-school. He begins to ask his parents many questions such as, why his hair and color are different, and how can he look like his friends. Through the help of his teacher he realizes that being different is not a bad thing.

ISBN# 0-8170-1484-5   
mya magic money machine
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Ed & Mya
Mya's Magic Money Machine

This is the newest book in the Kid Show collection. Mya is a 7 year old girl who is fascinated that her Mom can take money from this magicmachine at any time. With the help of her teacher, she learns about the bank, atm's and saving for a rainy day

Available August 2009
nigel learns to give
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Ed & nigel
Nigel Learns to Give

Nigel is a five year old boy who comes to understand
it is a joy in helping others

Coming Soon

Jordan Wants a Brother

In Jordan Wants a Brother, Jordan has to deal with being an only child. He finally realizes that with friends and family that love then he is never alone.

Publisher: Tree Of Life Publishing

PUBDATE: Oct 2005



The Gift

Teens & Adult Motivational book

I believe that everybody on this earth has been blessed with gifts. I must emphasize that it doesnít matter if you are black or white, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, or even have a disability, we all have gifts.

    I believe our gifts have been given to us by our creator to enhance and help us live a more fulfilled life. I believe that everyone has had dreams of doing great things, having a wonderful life and reaping the rewards that come along with it. It is the American Dream. You are entitled to it. Sadly as an educator I have witnessed a full range of students, from ESE to Gifted and adults as well who have lost that dream. At one point I didnít believe it either.

          I made a promise that if I could use the gifts that I have to accomplish my goals, fulfill my dreams & live a fulfilled life, I would spend the rest of my days showing others how to also. Now this is my goal.

      Have you ever had a dream of getting your college degree, getting a book published, starting your own business or climbing the ladder of the job you are on? No matter what your race or religion is, or even if you have a disability, I want to show you that you can fulfill your dreams using gifts.


ISBN 978-0-9795479-0-4