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Ed gave a wonderful presentation. I was so inspired by what I heard. I believe he has a wonderful gift and was just so blessed to have the opportunity to hear him share his stories. He is indeed a jewel and indeed one of those enjoying the fruits of heaven by simply giving the gift of believing in yourself.

Patti Lester  (Natíl Certified Interpreter for the Deaf)
Beatrice Awoniyi (Dean of Students, Student Disability Resource Center)
Florida State University

Ed's energy level was exceptional. He used great visuals along with motivating music. His message was appropriate and timely.

Tommy Campbell (Vice Principal) Jennings High School, Jennings, La.

I was hesitant at first about bringing Ed to talk to middle school kids since he is an author of children's books. Was I ever wrong! He had my eighth graders listening to every word he had to say and I really think he hit home with some of my toughest kids. They can make it if they believe in themselves and don't get distracted from their goals.

Carol Fulks  (Principal) Discovery Academy Middle School, Lake Alford, FL.

I found the motivational aids before the story useful especially for primary children. I enjoyed Mr. Spruillís ability to relate to the students and keeping their attention. Mr. Spruill took his time and helped the children to understand the story. The use of the PowerPoint  to read the story was excellent because it made the story into a Big Book.

Charlene Graham  (Information Resource Teacher) Dr Martin Luther King Elementary, Baltimore, Md.

Ed's speaker enthusiasm was outstanding and the students were positive and responsive. His speaker knowledge for the topic was extremely useful to his presentation. He has a gift to be able to communicate with young people.

Dr. George Mims (Sire Archon) Gamma Xi Boule, Sarasota, Fl.

I admire Ed's dedication. He carries a significant message to today's youth. He has a terrific way of relating to kid's

Shelia Monus (Counselor) Comeaux High, Lafayette, La.